Brand Stacking – Increase Your Online Reputation

Till now you all must know about brand stacking and online reputation. If not, then here you can get the idea. In early September Mr. G (of course Google) introduced a new thing in its search results known as brand stacking or domain stacking. In simple words, brand stacking means when you search for a particular name or we can say your company name then it shows first 4-5 results from your domain. It depends on the popularity of that brand and the authority domain.

For example if you search for the Nokia then first four results are from Nokia’s website. This is known as brand stacking as you get many results on first page from a particular domain. This shows your popularity and online reputation.

Few tips that can help you in making your company a brand name:

• The main thing which can help you in making a good online reputation is the quality of unique in-links to your site. Here I don’t mean the number of back links but the unique back links especially from the authority site. They have a lot of value and thus can give good value to your links. Few links from these sites have more link value than the thousands of back links from other site.

• The next thing is to analysis your own website for brand stacking. Search for [brand] The results can show you the relevant pages from your site which can more likely make your brand. So make internal links from these pages and try to make them appear in the navigation. As these are the most relevant pages a visitor would check on your website.

• An important step in brand stacking is to use your brand name at the end of every title tag in your website. Doesn’t use brand name at the beginning as it will affect your optimization process, use them at the end.

• Other thing which you can do for brand stacking is using your brand name along with keyword. Don’t use only brand name as it’s hard for search engines to decide your niche depending on your grand name. So I would suggest you to use it with your keyword.

• Do deep linking for your internal pages. And mostly for the pages which are relevant to your branding. This helps them to appear in the search results.

These few steps can be perfectly done by a SEO company providing excellent SEO services. So before choosing any company do good research about its reputation in market and you can also check out for their branding. Go for brand stacking and increase your online reputation and thus see your business growing to new folds.

Authors’ name is Anurag Nair, currently he has been working with a British Company as Sr. SEO professional. He writes regularly on different topics. In this article, he is sharing his knowledge about brand stacking and the use of SEO services in attaining the same.

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